The Importance of Skin’s Microbiome for Healthy Skin

As the body’s largest organ, our skin plays a crucial role in protecting us from harmful agents like UV radiation, chemicals, and pollution particles, as well as invading pathogens. One of the skin's most essential functions is to provide a protective barrier between us and the outside world.
Did you know that our skin is also home to millions of bacteria, fungi, and viruses that make up the skin microbiome? In fact, up to one billion bacteria can inhabit a single square centimetre of the skin, with hundreds of different species within. There are two types of bacteria found on the skin: “residents”, which permanently inhabit the skin, and “transients”, which come and go intermittently.
Factors like skin temperature, humidity, sebaceous gland density, and pH levels create different ecological environments where bacteria, fungi, viruses, archaea, and mites can thrive. When the balance between commensal ‘good’ bacteria and pathogenic ‘bad’ bacteria is disrupted, it can lead to skin concerns & diseases.

Bacterial Imbalance and Acne

One of the major factors in acne is the growth of C. acnes bacteria. However, some C. acnes are a normal component of the skin microbiota and don’t cause acne in most individuals. Studies have shown that with acne patients, the  genetic composition of the skin microbiome is disrupted, with a greater proportion of  ‘bad’ variants of C. acnes contributing to blemished skin. This imbalance stimulates sebum production and follicular hyperkeratinization (thickening), resulting in inflammation and breakouts.



Microbiome-Friendly Certification Explained

Microbiome-Friendly Certification is a new standard for skin care products that test their influence on the skin microbiome. It ensures that skincare products do not disrupt the balance of ‘good’ bacteria on the skin. Once a product passes the test, it receives the "Microbiome-friendly" seal of quality.

It's essential to take care of your skin's microbiome to maintain healthy, glowing skin. By using microbiome-friendly skincare products, you can ensure that you are not compromising the balance of good and bad bacteria on your skin. pH-In is the first ever Microbiome Friendly Certified acne system. Each of the three steps has been tested and proven to leave skin’s microbiome intact and respect the microbial diversity and balance of the skin.


Take care of your skin, and it will take care of you.


Claims Approved by FDA, EU and Health Canada

The product is Microbiome-friendly.

The product leaves the skin microbiome intact.

The product respects the balance of the skin microbiome.

The product respects the natural, healthy microbiome of the skin, both on the surface and in the deeper layers of the skin.

The product is gentle on the skin microbiome.

A healthy skin microbiome is important for beautiful, healthy skin.




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