Clinical Results after 56 days*

  • 92%

    saw a visible reduction in the look of blemishes

  • 92%

    reported that their skin looked less oily

  • 86%

    saw an improved appearance of scars and post-acne marks

  • 100%

    reported that the system did not irritate their skin

“I think it’s probably the best my skin has been in a really long time.”

Skin concerns:

Hormonal breakouts and maskne

“It’s gentle, effective, and easy to use.”

Skin Concerns:
Hormonal breakouts, sensitive skin, acne scars

“My breakouts don’t last as long as they used to.”

Skin Concerns:
Papules & pustules, oily skin & acne scars

"My skin is less oily & less reactive.”

Skin concerns:
Papules & pustules, combination, sensitive skin.

“I’m not as reliant on makeup to cover my acne.”

Skin concerns:
Papules & pustules, dark spots, sensitive skin

* Based on a 56 day user-perception study with the pH-In system.