Why your skin’s microbiome matters

Skin’s microbiome is an ecosystem made up of billions of bacteria. Consider it as skin’s first line of defence against bad bacteria, viruses, and fungi that can lead to acne. When there are more bad bacteria than good, acne develops. A balanced skin microbiome is vital for healthy, clear skin.

pH-In™ keeps the good bacteria and targets bad.

Bio-succinic acid (an alternative to salicylic acid) works to unclog pores and reduce the sebum that acne bacteria live on.

A traditional Chinese plant, E. Sagittatum, selectively targets and weakens acne bacteria’s outer barriers, otherwise known as the biofilm.

Then polypeptides move in to target the root of the issue: the acne bacteria within. Once the bacteria growth has been stopped in its tracks, acne can no longer spread and breakouts are reduced.

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Certified Microbiome-Friendly

The first ever Microbiome-Friendly Certified acne system.

The pH-In™ system has been tested and proven to leave skin’s microbiome intact and respect the microbial diversity and balance of the skin.

Benzoyl Peroxide

An anti-septic that kills both good and bad bacteria on skin, leaving skin weak and defenseless against future germs.

Salicylic Acid

When used in high percentages long-term, skin can become over-exfoliated, causing dryness, irritation, and a weakened skin microbiome.

The side-effects of traditional acne treatments can cause:

Excess dryness & flaking
Increased sun sensitivity
Irritation and redness
Risk of premature skin aging
Risk of future breakouts

3 Simple Steps To Clear Skin

At pH-in™’s lab, we developed a 3-step system that targets the root cause of acne, without the side effects and skin damage. Each step works together to balance skin’s pH, support skin’s microbiome, target acne bacteria, and reduce irritation.

The proof is in the results *

  • 92%

    saw a visible reduction in the look of blemishes

  • 86%

    saw an improved appearance of scars and post-acne marks

  • 100%

    reported that the system did not irritate their skin

* Based on a 56 day user-perception study with the pH-In system.

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